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Covid-19 entry regulations

General information about the tourism situation in Mongolia. Please take in mind that this information is subject to constant changes and can only give a general overview. Steppenfuchs Reisen does not claim the information to be complete. The information listed here also only concerns entry into Mongolia from a tourist point of view. For students, employees, family members, etc. there may be changed procedures. In that case, please inquire directly at the respective Mongolian embassy in your country. According to preliminary unconfirmed information, tourism and entry into Mongolia will be possible again as follows.

Border opening:

From 01 July. 2021 the borders will be opened for tourism. That means flights are possible without restrictions, provided they are vaccinated against Corona. From 1.4.2022 (no April Fool J ) the land borders to Russia are opened again. This should also apply to foreigners. Experience values, whether the land border is really passable for foreigners, do not exist yet (as of 10.4.2022).

At the moment MIAT, Turkish Air and Korean Air fly regularly to Mongolia. MIAT has published a kind of charter flight plan until the end of March 2022. From the end of March a regular flight schedule of MIAT will apply, which you can view here (MIAT flight schedule). MIAT flights depart from / arrive at Frankfurt once a week and can only be booked through the MIAT office in Berlin or Ulaanbaatar. After the experience in dealing with the refunds of canceled flights in 2020, we can not necessarily recommend MIAT to our customers. We recommend Turkish Air to get to Mongolia. These flights can also be booked through online portals.

Aeroflott has suspended its flights to Mongolia due to the sanctions imposed in connection with the invasion of Ukraine.

German citizens can stay up to 30 days in Mongolia without a visa. All other EU citizens need a visa. A new feature is that the visa can be applied for online as an e-visa. This eliminates the annoying “running” to the Mongolian embassy. A one-time extension of the tourist visa in the country is possible.

In Mongolia can only the entry, which is at least 2x vaccinated, better 3x vaccinated. Currently, due to the Omnikon variant, there is a quarantine of three days at entry, but this will certainly change in the summer. The obligatory PCR test on arrival and departure has been abolished and no longer needs to be done.

For German citizens it is pleasant that Mongolia has been removed from the list of “high risk areas” and thus the return journey to Germany is possible without problems.

Status of the information 14.04.2022

Current regulation for entry