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Individual & Nomads & Tickets

On this page you have the possibility to plan your Mongolia trip individually. Whether individual travel, bus-railway-airline tickets, the stay with nomads, Steppenfuchs Reisen will gladly support you in your travel planning. Of course, you don’t have to travel Mongolia in a group. You can also do it individually. Then you are completely free, you can decide what you want to see, you set the time frame and the form yourself. You can experience the most different landscapes in Mongolia: in the north the tundra with extensive forests, in the center the famous steppe landscape with wide extended valleys and its horse herds typical for Mongolia as well as in the south the Gobi desert with its typical desert landscape. The Altai Mountains with its lonely valleys will probably fascinate every mountain fan. For the small or larger group, the program, vehicle + interpreter and off we go. Suggestions, what would be interesting, come from us, but on the way you can change it again, depending on your taste. Whether 14 or 21 days, you decide. Compose the trip yourself, put parts together until it is optimal. These are our Mongolia modules. They give you the possibility to put together the right thing from a variety of components. Everything is possible.


Mongolia and nomads, that is closely related. The nomadic way of life in Mongolia is the form that is optimal for the country. It is determined by the rhythm of nature and follows its own time. The community is the central point, the yurt the expression of this nomadic community. Would you like to get to know this life better? Then Steppenfuchs Reisen has the right trip for you.


One way to get around Mongolia is to explore the country by train, coach or plane. Steppenfuchs Reisen is happy to help you with this and will arrange the necessary tickets. Take a look at where you can go by train / coach or plane anywhere in Mongolia.