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Steppenfuchs Reisen Ticket Service. Create your own Mongolia trip and book the necessary tickets in advance. No matter if you travel by train, coach or plane, we save you the complicated and sometimes tedious work of getting these tickets. Even though Mongolia is becoming more and more modern, you still can’t book tickets reliably on the Internet. Mongolian culture stands in its own way, as the most important information is still transmitted orally and personally. Which means that you have to stand at the ticket counter yourself. We can do this work for you in advance. Steppenfuchs Reisen will always choose the cheapest option for you.

By train across Mongolia. Admittedly, the Mongolian railroad network is clearly overseeable and essentially consists of only one route. Nevertheless, you can reach some destinations comfortably and inexpensively by train. Especially the night trains are a good way to reach a destination comfortably during the night in a sleeping car, in order to arrive rested at the destination in the morning. The trains depart from Ulaanbaatar mainly in the evening and reach their destination the next morning.

We can book the following routes or parts of routes for you:

  • 302 Zunharaar – Ulaanbaatar
  • 301 Ulaanbaatar – Zunharaar
  • 286 Ulaanbaatar – Saichand
  • 285 Saichand – Ulaanbaatar
  • 276 Ulaanbaatar – Zamin Ud (extension to China)
  • 275 Zamin Ud – Ulaanbaatar
  • 271 Ulaanbaatar – Darkhan – Suhkbaatar
  • 272 Suhkbaatar – Darkhan – Ulaanbaatar
  • 273 Ulaanbaatar – Darkhan – Erdenet
  • 274 Erdenet – Darkhan – Ulaanbaatar
  • UB – Beijing (Th Chinese / Mongolian train)
  • Beijing – UB (We Chinese / Mongolian train)
  • Moscow – UB – Beijing
  • Beijing – UB – Moscow
  • UB – Irkutsk
  • Irkutsk – UB
  • UB – Moscow ( Mongolian train 14 day)
  • Moscow – UB ( Mongolian train 14 day)

Explore Mongolia by coach. The form of travel for the small purse, or who wants to experience Mongolia authentically. In recent years, Mongolia’s road network has been greatly expanded, so that many of the most important places of Ulaanbaatar can be reached by long-distance bus. The buses are modern coaches from Korea or Japan. The buses depart from the bus station for the southern or northern direction, depending on the destination. All destinations that are up to 700 KM away from Ulaanbaatar will be reached on the same day. So you have the possibility to move individually in Mongolia without driver and guide. We will be happy to provide you with an off-road vehicle, if necessary, which will take you to your destination.

For the following routes we can provide the bus tickets in advance:

  • Ulaanbaatar – Darlhan – Erdenet – Bulgan – Morön
  • Ulaanbaatar – Mandelgobi – Dalandzagad
  • Ulaanbaatar – Arwaicheer – Bayankhongor
  • Ulaanbaatar- Karakorum – Tsetserleg – Uliastai
  • Ulaanbaatar- Arwaicheer – Khovd – Ulgii (2 days / 1 night)
  • UB – Ulaan Ud (russia)

The domestic Mongolian route network among airlines has stabilized in recent years. This means that there is a relative reliability of flights. However, departure times are still rather indicative. Which means that one must be prepared for longer delays. The Mongolian route network is designed in such a way that you always have to fly via Ulaanbaatar if you want to fly from the Gobi to the Altai Mountains, for example. Unfortunately, the change of planes in Ulaanbaatar is currently only possible with an overnight stay in the city.

We can book the following domestic routes for you:

  • UB – Dalandzagad
  • UB – Bayan Ulgii (Altai)
  • UB – Khovd
  • UB – Ulangom
  • UB – Morön (Khovsgul See)
  • UB – Uliastai
  • UB – Tchoibalsan