Steppenfuchs Reisen


Steppenfuchs Reisen - Nomadenkinder im Winter

Ice Festival

Tour 410

The bear is dancing on the meter-thick frozen ice. A superlative ice festival in the north of Mongolia, not only in terms of temperatures. The ice festival of the nomads at Lake Khovguul. High in the north of Mongolia, people meet every year at the hardest winter time in March and celebrate the ice festival at Lake Khovsguul. The festival celebrates the fact that the hardest season is over and that soon the spring migration of the animals will begin. The festival takes place on the mighty ice of the frozen lake. Nomads who otherwise live very scattered in the vast solitude take the arduous and sometimes long journey from all parts of the country to participate in this unique festival. We have the opportunity to participate in this festival and can witness the colorful hustle and bustle on the ice. For two days we are guests of the reindeer herders and shamans at the Khovsguul lake. In the evening we experience the warm folklore of the people around the campfire on the ice. During the day we are in the middle of the competitions. Horse racing, wrestling, skating, are just some of the sports. The "arm wrestling" on the ice floe, is especially popular with the nomadic

Combine the Ice Festival at Lake Khovsguul and the "1,000 Camle Festival" in the Gobi to a 14 day event with the nomads of Mongolia in the north and in the south at a special price