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Winter travel

Winter travel

Experience the winter in Mongolia, an experience of the rather cooler kind. Temperatures in the country fall well below -40°C at night, during the day it hardly gets warmer than -12°C, but still this season exerts a fascination on people. Crystal clear and extremely cold air in the steppe, a really very dry cold and an endless steppe landscape colored in absolute white are the stage where the Mongolian winter performs its spectacle. Winter lasts from November to April. This is the time when people sit closer together in the yurt, tell each other the old stories and in the evening sing the old songs of the steppe, which are about spring and summer. Then, when the temperatures have reached their lowest point, exactly when the first new moon in the new year appears in the sky, exactly then the Mongolian New Year – Tsaagan Tsar – is celebrated in the country of the nomads. A festival that has its origin in the time when the hunters set out to make rich booty in winter, which was then distributed to the tribe members, is the most important festival in the year for the Mongols. Experience the uniqueness of this festival, or just recharge your batteries from the tranquility of the Mongolian winter. The Tsaagan Tsar Festival is the prelude to a whole series of festivals that follow each other in March and April, each of which is a unique experience. Steppenfuchs Reisen has put together several different trips for you in winter.


A month full of festivals in Mongolia. It starts with the Mongolian New Year, then continues with the big horse festival in the northeastern part of Mongolia, then comes the famous and worth seeing ice festival that takes place on the ice of Lake Khovsguul and right after that we have the “Camel Festival” in the Gobi with far more than 1,000 camels.

Festival Month

Three winter events in one trip. Experience the Horse Festival, the famous Ice Festival on Lake Khovsguul and be a guest in the snowy Gobi Desert at the 1,000 Camels Festival. Each festival in itself is a unique experience.

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Steppenfuchs Reisen - Nomadenkinder im Winter


Ice-Festival at Khovsguul Lake. Visit this unique festival at KhovsguulLake and celebrate with the nomads on the frozen lake

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Horse festival

The horse-festival in the north of Mongolia. The horse is the expression of Mongolian culture and without which Mongolia once would never have reached its greatness.

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In the winter

It is cold, really cold at night the thermometer drops to partly – 50°C, but in the yurt it is cozy warm. Experience the Mongolian winter, which has many beautiful sides. Extremely clear and dry air, cuts into the skin, like whiplash, but compensates for this a landscape that is dipped in white to the horizon. And then, the silence, which almost hurts again in the ear. The rhythm of the day becomes calm and relaxed. Take this unusual time out and experience the uniqueness of the Mongolian winter. Live like the nomads in harmony with nature and the coldest season.

Winter trip

The cool side of Mongolia. Experience the fascination of Mongolian winter in a yurt, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, in the vastness of the Mongolian steppe. Experience the everyday winter life of the nomads and celebrate together the “Tsagan Tsar” festival of the nomads.

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Lake Baikal in winter

Lake Baikal is the perfect destination for an unforgettable ski trip. The largest ski resort in Siberia is located on the southern shore of Lake Baikal. Lake Baikal, or the blue pearl of Siberia, has its own local climate and offers ideal conditions for skiing or snowboarding on the southern shore.