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On the road on two wheels

Our motorcycle tours in Mongolia, which are mostly manageable for every motorcyclist, lead mainly through the Gobi and the central part of Mongolia. With our motorcycle tours we do not address the "daredevils", but the motorcyclists who keep a cool head in extreme situations. Nevertheless it is pure adventure. New in our program are our tours in Russia, Siberia and Tibet. The feeling of freedom, of not being confined, cannot be described, you have to experience it. Adventure, recreation, effort, sweat and at the end you have made the distance – rest in a cool yurt, or the irretrievable view from the summit – is the reward for the effort.


Desert fever can be painful. But somehow desert fever is also a sweet pain. The dream of the “Gobi” challenge stimulates the imagination and gets the circulation going. Desert fever as a cure for everyday stress? Riding a motorcycle in the Gobi, that’s hard to describe, you have to have experienced it. Riding your bike freely through this desert is probably one of the few adventures that you should definitely experience.

Steppenfuchs Reisen - Endurotour in die Wüste Gobi

Great Gobi Expedition – Enduro Tour

Desert-fever as a cure for everyday stress? This motorcycle-tour is tailored for the desert lover. We cross the vastness of the Gobi. The dream of the challenge “Gobi” stimulates the imagination and gets the circulation going.

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Central Mongolia

Desert is one thing. Mountains, water and forests are the other. If you like it rather “humid” and not “dusty dry”, central Mongolia is the right place for you. Many legends and stories are entwined around the mountains. People have always sacrificed and meditated here. The “Otgon Tenger” (youngest son) has always been a place of worship.

Steppenfuchs Reisen - Startklar machen für die Motorradtour durch die Monagolei

Archangaj Mountain

This tour is suitable for the motorcyclist with some experience in off-road riding. There are only a few sand passages, rather more water crossings. The route goes on two different tracks across the Archangaj Mountains.

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The North

The north of Mongolia is already a challenge for the motorcyclist. Mountains, lonely tracks and also the weather can cause one or the other problem in the north.

Steppenfuchs Reisen - Mit Motorrädern durch die Mongolei

Enduro Tour – The North

15 days motorcycle tour of the “extra class” in the north of Mongolia. Lake Khovsguul is the little brother of Lake Baikal and it is the largest freshwater lake in the country. The Tsaaten tribe lives in the region around Lake Khovsguul. They are the last reindeer nomads in Mongolia.

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The West - Altai Mountains

The Altai Mountains extend in the west of Mongolia from the Russian border deep into the southern Gobi. It is a region with many contrasts and partly still today almost untouched nature.  This is the tour for those who are looking for a challenge.

Steppenfuchs Reisen - Motorräder im Altaigebirge

Altai Mountains Enduro Tour

The route leads directly into the Altai-Mountains. This motorcycle-tour of the “extra class” is aimed at the experienced off-road biker who has already tried other routes and is now looking for a new challenge.

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Short tours Self Organized

Short trips by motorcycle to the surroundings of Ulaanbaatar, or to central Mongolia. This is exactly the right offer for you, if you do not have so much time for a long tour in the country, but still want to experience Mongolia in its diversity.

Russia - Siberia

Russia, the huge land mass in the north of Mongolia, is a challenge of a special kind. Experience the story of the Russian fairy tale live once, to understand the contrasts, you must have experienced Russia and that in the literal sense.

Due to the war of aggression of Russia on Ukraine are at present and probably for a long time, trips to Russia no longer possible. We have therefore removed all trips to Russia from our program.


Tibet is a real lover’s country for all motorcycle enthusiasts who want to see and experience something extraordinary. Our exclusive motorcycle tour offers you the opportunity to ride through breathtaking Tibetan landscapes and enjoy the view of unique sights such as the lakes Yamdrok and Namtso as well as Mr. Everest.


The alternative to the motorcycle or the horse, is the locomotion by own muscle power. Mongolia offers many interesting routes for the mountain biker. The options here range from extremely difficult to normal and easy. But one thing is guaranteed, asphalt road are not used, because they are not present.


For those who want to explore Mongolia by motorcycle, Steppenfuchs Reisen offers the possibility to rent a motorcycle. With the motorcycle you can then move freely in the country.

Steppenfuchs Reisen - Rent a Bike

Rent a Bike

Rent-a-Bike. Rent a motorcycle in Mongolia and ride it yourself through the terrain. An option with which you can explore Mongolia independently.

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